Saturday, February 23, 2019

2 Bosnians enter Germany with 17 functioning hand grenades hidden in the trunk of their car

Alarm at Dresden Central Station: a Mercedes ML320, an SUV with Bosnian license plate, had been parked all afternoon in the parking lot on the Bayrische Stra├če. Federal police officers then checked the 2 people in the car, Bosnians, aged 17 and 28 years.
The 2 men were initially taken for interrogation on suspicion of illegal entry. The officers took a small amount of drugs out of a suspect’s bag. Thereupon a beagle from customs searched the Bosnian car. It didn't find drugs, but nevertheless, it did find something. A spokeswoman for the Federal Police said: "Hidden in the trunk, we finally discovered 17 hand grenades."
The LKA was called in. Experts secured the explosives and transported them away. Whether an attack was planned isn't yet known. The investigations are ongoing. The spokeswoman stated: "The hand grenades, however, were functional."

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