Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Germany: Muslim migrant hits Christian in face, threatens him with knife because of Christian tattoo

In the multicultural district of Berlin Neukölln, a Christian from Iraq was hit in the face by a Muslim last Friday afternoon and threatened with a knife because of a Christian tattoo. However, the Christian was able to save himself in time in a shop, so he survived.
The report of the Berlin police reconstructs the incident of February 15 as follows: The cause of an attack was yesterday afternoon in Neukölln probably a visible, religious tattoo of a man. At 5:15 pm, 2 men aged 27 and 21 were on the walkway of Sonnenallee.
According to him, 2 men, unknown at the time, are said to have approached the 27-year-old on account of his religious tattoo and asked to give a donation to a begger. Attacker pulled knives. He didn't comply with this request, whereupon one of the unknown held him and the other beat him several times in the face. After this attack, one of the attackers pulled a knife. The 27-year-old and his companion managed to save themselves in a shop and alert the police. In the search of the immediate vicinity by the police who had been alerted, one of the 2 suspects was found in the Pannierstraße.
The 24-year-old was provisionally arrested and taken to a detention center, where he was taken into custody and subsequently released. The 27-year-old, who had hematomas in his head, wanted to go to medical treatment on his own. The State Security Police at the State Criminal Police Office is leading further investigation into the bodily injury and the threat. Victim's Christian Iraqi
So far the police report, that leaves out a very important detail, about which the Morgenpost inquired and therefore can inform their readers:
"The arrested person claims to be of Muslim faith. The attacker was a Christian from Iraq, the spokeswoman said. The state security took over the investigation."

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