Monday, February 4, 2019

Germany’s Unemploymant rate for refugees up to 65%

Germany’s growth rate's cracking with a new estimate cutting the projected 2019 rate by 44% from 1.8% to a mere 1%.  

Peter Altmaier, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, is blaming BREXIT and global trade, specifically the row with the US. In fact, Germany’s growth rate's been on a steady decline since 2017, while its inflation rate's been rising from a low of 0.39% in 2016 to a projected 1.78% in 2019.  

With low fertility rates, a short supply of labor and a welfare system stretched to max point propping up a 65% unemployment rate for refugees, Germany's failed to mediate the problem and instead blamed false factors in an attempt to conceal and censor the facts.  

It becomes apparent that the failed Iran Nuclear Deal's now even more vital than ever to prop up an economy that's close to slithering into a recession.  

As such, Germany, together with France and the UK, has created a backdoor, a means of evading the US sanctions on business dealings with Iran. The gamble's comprised of a clearing house system wherein money flows through a 3rd party instrument labeled INSTEX. Testing the efficacy of this channel through trade of nonsanctionable goods, Germany's waiting to see how Trump and his administration will react and whether fines and additional trade wars will erupt further.  

Instead of negotiating with the US, Merkel's now putting Germany in the crossroads wherein weakened alliances could create a plummeting downward economic spiral that wouldn't only take out Germany but the EU as a globalist power.

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