Thursday, February 28, 2019

Immigrant Suspected of 5 Rapes in Swedish Ski Village

Swedish police have arrested a man with an "immigrant background" following a series of rapes in the resort village of Sälen, according to local media. The suspect was originally detained on probable grounds in 5 different rapes that occurred between January 31 and February 14.
After appealing the warrant, his charges were lowered to 2 offenses, but he's still under suspicion for the other 3 sexual assaults, a local prosecutor told TT-Inrikes.
"The Court of Appeal changed the decision on Monday," prosecutor Mattias Glaser said. "He's now detained on probable grounds, suspected of 2 rapes, January 31 and February 14. However, the suspicions about the other rapes remain."
Glaser says he can't provide any further details about the on-going probe.
"It's to not influence the investigation," he said. "A number of people who should be questioned haven't been questioned yet."
The suspect's 33-years-old, Fria Tider reports.
"According to the arrest warrant, that Fria Tider has read, it's a man with an immigrant background with Swedish citizenship. His last name seems to originate from the Balkans."
Rapes and sexual crimes have exploded in Sweden in recent years, with migrants being vastly over-represented as perpetrators. An independent study conducted in 2017 found that over 90% of rapes in Sweden had been committed by men of foreign descent.

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