Thursday, February 21, 2019

Spain: Unprecedented political rise in nationalism is taking place due to immigration

While hundreds of immigrants arrive every single day to Spain, the polls reflect nationalism everyday is taking a greater relevance in its politics. Only in the 1st half of January over 2,900 immigrants arrived to the Spanish coasts and over 65,000 did it the last year, this number's even greater than the sum of immigrants arrived to Spain in the 3 previous years and a 289% more than in the year 2016.
This is paradigmatic with the situation on Spain, where despite immigrants represent only a 12.75% of the population, they're overrepresented in many crime statistics, making, for example, the 38.3% of those responsibles for gender violence related deaths. It's important to mention the statistics many times hide the actual number of crimes committed by people with foreign origin by counting those with Spanish nationality as Spanish.
This situation's produced the rise on the nationalism, reflected on the surveys mainly with the rise of Vox (a young conservative and nationalist party), that proposes laws such as deporting all illegal immigrants and the legal ones who've committed some crime or the closing of mosques that promote a fundamentalist Islam.
At the beginning of summer of 2018 this political party didn't arrive to the 2% of expected votes on the next Spanish elections, now the party accountsnts for an 11.2% of them. Vox is expected to continue growing while the rest of main political parties keep loosing voters.

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