Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Multiple Car Bombings Rock Belgium (3 in 2 weeks, 2 in less than 24 hours)

An early-morning car bombing in Antwerp, Belgium, marks the 2nd incident of its kind in less than 24 hours and the 3rd in the last 2 weeks, according to local media.  

Belgian police are investigating the latest of 3 car explosions that have reportedly taken place in close proximity to each other, with at least 2 being suspected as hand grenade attacks.  

"In the latest in a series of incidents in the city an explosion was heard in the Biekorfstraat near to Park Spoor Noord at around 3:30am on Tuesday morning," VRT reports. "4 other vehicles and the front of a house were slightly damaged. The police have cordoned off the street while an investigation is carried out."  

Less than 24 hours before, another blast damaged 5 vehicles nearby. Arriving officers discovered a live hand grenade at the scene, that was eventually detonated by the army bomb squad, according to VRT.  

"3 unexploded grenades were discovered last Friday in the same neighborhood," the Brussels Times reports. "A couple of weeks ago, several cars were also heavily damaged by explosions, probably caused by grenades thrown under the vehicles."  

Flemish MP Tom van Grieken shared an article about the latest attack, asking, "Who's actually boss in the streets of Antwerp, Mayor Bart De Wever or the drug mafia?" 


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