Monday, April 15, 2019

France: Attacks Against Jews and Christians Continue to Rise

The number of anti-religious attacks against Jews and Christians in France continues to rise, while attacks against Muslims are at their lowest for 9 years.  

According to a group that studies hate crime attacks against Christians, February was the worst month for attacks on Christian churches since they began collecting data.  

Other public Christian symbols have also been targeted, including summit crosses on mountaintops and public statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, that have been decapitated or destroyed.  

A deliberate attack on the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris that caused nearly a million euros in damage was reported by the mainstream media as a ‘brief fire’ in which no one was hurt.  

The number of anti-Semitic attacks (541) rose 74% from 2017-2018 while anti-Muslim attacks numbered just 100, the lowest since 2010. Meanwhile in the same period, there were 1063 anti-Christian attacks, a slight increase on the previous year. According to Ellen Fantini, anti-Christian attacks are being minimized despite representing the largest share of hate crimes.  

According to reports, the number of Jews fleeing France for their safety has dramatically increased since 2000. In one Paris suburb alone – Seine-Saint-Denis – 40% of the population's Muslim while 400,000 illegal immigrants also live there.

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