Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Italy: Illegal Migrants Attacked Bartender, Police After Being Refused Drinks

3 South American illegals were arrested in the Italian town of Rho after beating a bartender who refused to serve them.  

The 3 illegals, aged 21-23 years-old, fractured the nose of the bartender when he refused them service, judging that they had already had enough to drink, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.  

After the 3 men attacked the barman, the owner intervened and prevented the trio from entering the bar and harassing or assaulting any of the patrons inside and called the police.  

When the police arrived on the scene the victim of the attack was taken to the hospital but the migrants had already left for another bar. The officers managed to locate the 3 men who broke several glass bottles and attempted to attack the officers with them.  

The police were forced to wait for Carabinieri (national military police) back up to arrive to finally subdue the men who were placed in custody and charged with a variety of offences from resisting a police officer to aggravated assault and possession of weapons.  

The attack's just the latest incident in Italy involving illegal migrants attacking police and others. In April, an illegal Senegalese migrant named Ndiaye Migui was arrested after attacking officers in Turin with an iron bar while yelling "Allahu Akbar," causing one officer to receive severe head trauma as a result of the incident.  

An even more serious incident occurred earlier this year in Mirandola near Bologna when a North African migrant was arrested following an arson attack on a police station that led to the deaths of 2 people and injured a dozen others.  

Populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has reacted harshly against incidents of a migrant crime calling for the deportation of criminal illegals he has referred to as "delinquents" in the past.  

In Salvini’s new migration and security decree he has also increased the penalties for those who attack the police, recently receiving praise from officers for the new policy.  


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