Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Sweden: 3 explosions in migrant-rich Malmö in 24 hours

This week, Malmö, a city in southern Sweden known by many for its large migrant population and no-go zones, saw 3 explosions in a 24-hour span with multiple locations targeted including a nightclub and residential area.  

According to the Swedish online newspaper, Nyheter Idag, the 1st explosion occurred on Tuesday, around 2 o’clock in the morning in the suburb of Rosengård – an area that's been described as a no-go zone – that caused a number of windows in a multi-family building to shatter.  

Just an hour later, a subsequent explosion occurred close to a local nightclub near the city center. Witnesses and bystanders claim to have heard a loud bang that caused several shops in the vicinity to be damaged.  

The 3rd explosion occurred the next day – again in the migrant dense and crime-ridden suburb of Rosengård during the early hours of Wednesday morning. This time a different residential area was affected by the blast.  

A witness of the explosion had this to say: "The entire gate's destroyed right up to the lift. There's glass pieces and metal pieces that made holes in the lift 5 meters away."  

Although the 3 explosions caused a significant amount of property damage, Swedish police have reported that no injuries have occurred as a result of the incidents.  

Thus far this year, multicultural Malmö has seen several bombings and explosions – most of them have gone unreported by the mainstream media as it goes against their ‘diversity is a strength’ narrative.  

In May, 2 individuals were arrested in connection to what police have described as a "heavy explosion" that rocked a local restaurant.  

Although many of these blasts haven’t resulted in any injuries, an explosion in April led to the injury of a 12-year-old girl who was sleeping in her bed when the blast caused the window in her bedroom to shatter. The girl was subsequently taken to the hospital to be treated.  

But blasts haven’t be limited only to migrant-rich Malmö. Just last week, a massive explosion that ripped through 2 apartment buildings was seen in the city of Linköping and resulted in the injuries of 25 people. Thus far, Swedish investigators have ruled out terrorism.  


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