Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Migrant Arrested For Car Fires in Sweden

Swedish police have arrested a Syrian migrant in connection with a series of car fires that burned in the city of Örebro last week, according to local media.  

The suspect is reportedly a 19-year-old man from Syria who requires an interpreter in Kurmanji, a dialect of Kurdish spoken in northern Syria and other regions in the area.  

He's one of 3 suspects apprehended in connection with multiple fires that damaged at least 6 cars in a single night.  

"The police started working directly on the incidents and managed to arrest 3 suspects during the night, who were later charged by prosecutors," Fria Tider reports.  

"The immigrant is suspected of 3 cases of damage, all concerning car fires."  

Meanwhile, more vehicles were incinerated in Skåne County overnight, with one fire nearly burning down a nearby villa, as well. Cars have been burning virtually every night for the past month in Malmö and Lund, according to Kvällsposten.  

Last week, Swedish police were called to investigate a series of separate incidents that all unfolded in the span of a single night, including a grenade attack, car fires and a potentially imminent bombing.  


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