Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Over 90% of Swedes think Islam is incompatible with human rights

The University of Gävle in Sweden every year releases a "Diverity barometer" where people in Sweden are asked about their attitudes towards diversity. In the latest barometer they conclude that Swedes’ attitudes towards giving immigrants their cultural rights have become more negative, at the same time more people have positive experiences of having an immigrant colleague at work.  

In the question about which religions have negative values that clash with for instance human rights, 95% think Islam, 35% think Judaism, 31% think Hinduism, 26% think Buddhism and 26% think Christianity. Islam once again stands out in the yearly survey.  

Moreover, 66% of the people in the survey also agree on the statement that Muslim women in Sweden are more opressed than other women in Sweden, 26% don’t know and 8% says no.  

87% thinks that people with foreign background have a duty to adapt to Swedish culture, 7% don’t know and 6% says no.  

Among the people who participated in the survey, 88% are born in Sweden, 8% in a nation in Europe and 5% in a nation outside Europe. The remarkably negative attitude towards Islam shows that most Swedes know that Islam isn't a religion like any other.  


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