Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Germany 2019: 9,000 residence permits given to foreigners’ family members while homelessness increased by up to 20%

The German government's handing out residence permits to foreign family members of "refugees" like candy while homelessness among Germans skyrockets.
In 2019, approximately 9,000 residence permits have been given to foreign family members of so-called ‘refugees’ by German authorities, even though a new report has suggested that homelessness in the country's increased by as much as 20%.
Chancellor Merkel doesn’t seem to be doing much to address the housing shortage in Germany. With rising prices and limited space, proper housing – especially in the big cities – is extremely difficult to come by.
The German Economic Institute (IW) presented a study that revealed that in the past 3 years, only 283,000 new apartments have been built across the country. This, however, only meets about 80% of the total housing demand.
According to an IW spokesperson, to help fill the gap, municipalities would need to ease building restrictions. The spokesperson said if this were to occur, Germany could build at least 340,000 new apartments that would be needed for this year and in 2020.
However, despite the widespread housing shortage "nearly 9,000 relatives of people with asylum status in Germany have moved to the country since changes to family reunification laws last year," Deutsche Welle reported.
To make matters worse, since the migrant crisis began in 2015, there’s been a surge in both poverty and homelessness in Germany – mostly among single men.
According to figures released by the Federal Association for Assistance to Homeless People (BAGW), around 650,000 people in Germany are without a permanent home, Deutsche Welle reports.
BAGW estimates that homelessness in Germany has increased by up to 20%. The same group also believes there's at least 22,000 kids who are homeless right now in Germany.
Werena Rosenke, BAGW’s CEO stated that "Without homes for the homeless and without a well-thought-through system of prevention in every community, we won't be able to tackle homelessness and the housing shortage."

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