Sunday, August 25, 2019

Germany: Iranian man attacks ambulance service

On Thursday afternoon, a 28-year-old man attacked members of the ambulance service and police officers in a tram in Ettlingen. A 44-year-old passenger noticed the 28-year-old Iranian, who sat apathetically on the floor of the train shortly before 2 pm at the Erbprinz stop and addressed him. When the latter didn't react, he informed the tram driver, who alerted the emergency services.
On his way to the Stadtbahnhof stop, the 28-year-old suddenly struck and kicked around. When the ambulance service and emergency doctor arrived, he struck, kicked and spat against the first-aid staff. He had to be held until the police arrived. Only with the support of another police patrol it was then possible to put on a handcuff on the 28-year-old.
As he went on spitting around, a spit hood was put on. Also on the way to the patrol car he tried to kick the police officers. After establishing his identity at the police station, he was taken to a hospital.

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