Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Students Sign Petition to Ban 'Oppressive' 'Walk' Signals Showing White Figure

Students at George Washington University were asked if they'd be willing to sign a petition calling to ban the white stick figure in "walk" signals because they were "oppressive."  

The student who was asked to sign the petition where more than willing to join the "inclusive" ban.  

One of the reasons Campus Reform chose GW for its "offensive" and "oppressive" petition to ban white walk signal guy was due to the students' recent vote to "remove and replace" the university's mascot, George the Colonial, that's received as extremely offensive not only by students of the university, but the nation and world at large." 54% of the students voted for the measure in March.  

Campus Reform went undercover to try and measure how deep concerns about "offense" and "oppression" go at GW. The objective was to see if students would be willing to sign a new petition, this time calling for a ban on the white stick figures in walk signals.  

The undercover Campus Reform's faux petition reads:  

"As we students cross the street, we're told by the symbol of a white man when it's okay to cross." "Many students from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of color, gender fluid individuals and LGBTQA+ individuals, feel oppressed by this."  

Students who agree to sign the petition are supposedly notifying the university that they "vehemently urge the University to consider changing the crosswalk signs."  

The result. Many of the students, along with one university faculty member, was willing to sign the phony petition.  

While some students seem to be on board due to options provided by Campus Reform are "so cute" and "lit," most said they " see how someone would be offended by the "white man" telling them what to do and believed that changing the sign helped promote "diversity."  

One student did push back, however, saying he was "ideologically opposed" to the idea.  

On Tuesday, Neon Nettle reported on the 'controversial' 1936 George Washington mural that allegedly traumatized students was voted to be covered up but preserved following a vote of 4-3 by the San Francisco school board.  

Also covered will be images of slavery and the killing of Native Americans, according to reports. The 13-panel "Life of Washington" will be covered but preserved.  

It'll be covered by panels that show "the heroism of people of color in America, how we've fought against and continue to battle discrimination, racism, hatred and poverty," according to a proposal by the board president.

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