Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sweden: 20-year-old woman attacked and raped by 10 men on a street corner

This past weekend 10 men surrounded, held down and raped a woman on a street corner in Piteå, in northern Sweden.

The incident occurred at the music festival Piteå Dansar och Ler (Piteå Dances and Smiles), PDOL. Late on Friday night, a woman in her 20s was standing on the corner of Uddmansgatan and Prästgårdsgatan in the festival area when a group of men approached her.  

"It’s one of the men who's been active, the others have been watching", says Chief Inspector Aron Backman.  

The woman was surrounded by the gang, but eventually managed to escape and reported the incident to the police.  

"She kicked and punched them and ran away", says Aron Backman.

The police have a clear picture of what happened, but they don’t have the identities of the suspects and therefore ask for public support to arrest them. According to Backman, the 9 men who surrounded the woman may be suspected of accessory to rape after "promoting the crime".  

"We'll continue to search for the perpetrators and hope to get tips and observations from the public", he says.  

"It’s a pretty unique situation where a girl stands with 10 guys. Surely, someone must've noticed them."

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