Wednesday, September 11, 2019

African in Paris Has a Solution to Black on Black Violence in South Africa: Kill Whites Instead

Underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris is a strange painting, a mural of white and black figures. You decide for yourself what they depict, but the question must asked: who commissioned this obscenity to be painted in the first place? Oh and the mural's named The Endless Sleep.  

Why mention this? Because as black on black violence rages in the ruins of post-white South Africa, blacks in the processing of conquering France are urging blacks in South Africa to kill white people.  

A protester in Paris proposed a novel solution to the horrifying spate of black-on-black violence in South Africa by urging people to kill whites instead. Over the last couple of weeks, black South Africans have been setting fire to other African migrants and attacking and looting foreign-owned businesses.  

The violence was sparked after a South African driver was shot dead by a drug dealer who was a foreign national. The wave of xenophobic violence prompted the Zambian Ministry of Transport and Communications to instruct Zambian drivers not to travel through the country.  

Now a black protester in Paris has urged South Africans to target white people instead.  

"If you want to do xenophobia right, start to kill white people, start to kill Chinese people, start to kill Asian people," he said.  

"Don’t kill you brother! Don’t kill your brother – we're all black!" he added.  

"We have same blood, we have same color, so why you kill your fellow brother?" asked the man.  

People in the comments on a Facebook livestream of the rant appeared to agree, with 2 remarking, "Respect bro."  

The Endless Sleep. What a wonderful name for what’s happening across the West, as the evidence piles up the push for diversity and multiculturalism is nothing more than the end of our civilization.

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