Friday, September 27, 2019

Belgium: African migrants arrested for armed robbery in Berlaar

2 African migrants who carried out an armed robbery at a party in Berlaar, Belgium on Saturday night have been arrested and jailed, SCEPTR reports.
When recounting the events of that night, the party’s organizer, Vital Van Ham, said: "I was just making stock in the cooling when they stormed in. They were 2 young people, one large and one smaller, both with black skin color. They behaved very aggressively and threatened us with a knife." Partygoers attempted to stop the armed robbers but were unsuccessful.
"Some employees and customers tried to stop them. 1 of the 2 robbers was hit hard by a waiter with a plastic plateau from Jupiler. We didn't see the man well because of his mask. In any case, the tray broke into 100 pieces," Van Ham continued.
Because they knew exactly where the restaurant held the money, the immigrant robbers were able to leave with 3,500 euros. "We put the money away in a cover behind the counter, as we always do for safety. You really can’t find that if you don’t know. But they immediately jumped blindly behind the counter to take the money," Van Ham said.
Immediately staff members thought of an ex-employee. Just a few hours later, the 2 robbers were found after police pulled over a suspicious-looking vehicle.
"He used to work at parties for me," said Vital Van Ham when speaking about the 23-year-old suspect. "That went well then, but I learned that he was arrested for drug trafficking 14 days ago," Van Ham said.
"There were 2 minors: a 16-year-old from Kasterlee and a 17-year-old from Herentals. They're being led before the juvenile judge. The other 3 men, all of whom are of age, are also involved in the facts. They were brought before the investigating judge in Mechelen," a public prosecutor said.
The 2 immigrant minors have been placed in a youth institution, while the 23-year-old man who was involved has been placed under electronic supervision, HLN reports.

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