Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Between September 20-22, 2019, There Were 5 Mass Shootings Across the US: Blacks Were Suspects in All of Them

Over the past weekend (September 20–22) across the US, there were 5 major mass shootings. One in Indianapolis, where a random white guy visiting the city for his mom’s wedding was shot trying to run from 2 groups of blacks who opened fire on each other.  

For the first time, we’re hearing from 1 of the 6 victims injured in Saturday night’s shooting in downtown Indianapolis. Ryan Haemmerle, 32, traveled to Indianapolis Saturday to celebrate his mom’s wedding and give her away.  

"I had literally just gotten back from the wedding to the hotel and decided that I wanted to go out and then all…hell broke loose," Haemmerle said.  

He was on Illinois at Maryland when he says he saw about 25 teens and young adults arguing on the sidewalk. Ryan said something didn’t feel right.  

"So I walked into the street to go around them and then I got back on the sidewalk and I got almost to Maryland and that’s when I heard like basically what sounded like firecrackers and I was like ‘who’s lighting firecrackers?!’ and then all of a sudden people are sprinting," Haemmerle said. "So, I start running and by the time I could take cover by a car, I had got hit in the leg." Haemmerle couldn’t get up, so he began crawling.  

"Some people that were you know, kind of in their cars and what-not kind of saw me crawling on the ground and got out to pull me aside and get me taken care of and that’s when I saw the blood just started coming out of my leg," Haemmerle said.  

Strangers ripped off his belt and used it as a tourniquet until a police officer came over and got him an ambulance.  

"You feel it but it doesn’t click that that’s what’s happening. You just were shot," Haemmerle said. He had to call his mom, the new bride, on the way to Methodist Hospital.  

"I had to be the bearer of bad news on her wedding night that ‘Hey! I was shot," Haemmerle said. "I just tried to calm her down. I said, ‘Mom, I don’t want you to freak out. Just take a breath for what I’m about to tell you.'"  

Detectives interviewed Haemmerle at the hospital and took his clothes as evidence. He said he didn’t realize there was a surveillance picture of a person of interest in the case and doesn’t recognize the person.  

One in Washington DC (9 people shot in less than 30 minutes)
2 in New Orleans. (14 shot, 3 killed)  

And one in a night club in South Carolina, conveniently named the Old Skool Sports Bar and Grill (the incorrect spelling of "school" a clear racial notifier for white people to steer clear of this club catering to blacks).  

Can you guess the common denominator involved in all 5 mass shootings? That’s right: all of the suspects in these mass shootings are black. No one will talk about any of these shootings on a national scale, because it reveals the truth about gun crime in America: invariably, when a shooting happens, the person responsible for the gun crime is black (the New York Times confirms 75% of mass shootings in America are committed by blacks). Somehow this is the fault of white gun-owners, though. And the NRA.

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