Saturday, September 21, 2019

Charge: Previously Convicted Illegal Alien Sexually Assaulted 2 Children In Texas

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (News4SA) – An illegal immigrant who was in the process of being deported back to Honduras was arrested for sexual abuse of a child. Oscar Orlando Paz, 41, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.  

According to the arrest report, 2 kids, who were left home alone on January 15, were sexually assaulted by an unknown man who they found inside their kitchen. The victims were told to go outside by Paz, who police say immediately pulled their pants down and sexually assaulted both kids. After the victim’s ran inside and locked the door, Paz fled on a bicycle.  

The mom found the kids crying when she returned home and phone police. She had left the kids with 2 relatives to watch, but both had left the location.  

After an investigation, DNA was obtained from saliva left on the kid’s private parts. According to the San Antonio Police Special Victims Unit, the DNA was matched to Paz using the Texas State Convicted Offender Database. Paz had been arrested an convicted in December 2018 of Burglary of Habitation in San Antonio.  

Investigators found out that Paz was being detained at an ICE facility in Houston and was set to be deported back to Honduras. The state charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child nullified that deportation and he’s set to be extradited back to San Antonio.

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