Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Cocaine, Meth Busts by Border Patrol Hit 5-Year High in 2019

Border Patrol agents hit a 5-year high in the amount of cocaine and methamphetamine seized. The records come despite agents facing inundating numbers of Central American migrants at historic rates.
With 1 month to go in the fiscal year, Border Patrol agents seized 85,953 pounds of cocaine and 61,989 pounds of methamphetamine, according to the August CBP Enforcement Statistics Report recently released by US Customs and Border Protection.
During the migrant crisis, Border Patrol officials in several sectors closed interior checkpoints and moved agents from front-line duties to the care, transportation, feeding and processing of nearly a half-million migrant families. In the El Paso Sector, where immigration checkpoints were closed during the summer, New Mexico officials called the closures a "green light" for cartels, Breitbart Texas reported at the time. Las Cruces Police Chief Patrick Gallagher blamed a rise in violent crime on the closed checkpoints. Shortly after they re-opened, Border Patrol agents began reporting more seizures.
The seizure of cocaine by Border Patrol agents during the 1st 11 months of FY2019 nearly doubled the previous year’s total. Methamphetamine when up by nearly 20%.
While not at record levels, the seizure of heroin also increased from 568 pounds in all of FY2018 to 661 in FY2019. The high point for the past 5 years occurred in FY2017 when agents seized 953 pounds.
Cocaine seizures (pounds):
FY 2019 YTD — 11,362
FY 2018 — 6,550
FY 2017 — 9,346
FY 2016 — 5,473
FY 2015 — 11,220
FY 2014 — 4,554
Methamphetamine seizures (pounds):
FY 2019 YTD — 13,441
FY 2018 — 11,314
FY 2017 — 10,328
FY 2016 — 8,224
FY 2015 — 6,443
FY 2014 — 3,930
The seizure of marijuana fell by almost 50% during FY2019. Fentanyl also fell from 388 pounds in FY2018 to 210 pounds this year.
Following the re-opening of interior checkpoints in the El Paso Sector, Interim Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez reported increases in drug seizures and the apprehension of criminal aliens, including previously deported child sex offenders, Breitbart Texas reported.
"These incidents demonstrate how effective our skilled US Border Patrol agents are when focused on the mission of National Security," the El Paso Sector chief said in a written statement. "With this temporary reduction of migration flow at the border, our Agents are adding consequences to those involved in criminal activity, resulting in increased interdictions of people being smuggled, detention of criminals and seizure of narcotics."

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