Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Deported Guatemalan Man Who Killed NFL Player Faces 20 Years in Prison

A federal court in Indianapolis sentenced the twice-deported Guatemalan man who killed NFL linebacker Edwin Jackson to 42-months in prison for illegal re-entry after removal. The Guatemalan also received 16 years in state prison for his conviction related to the fatal drunk driving crash.  

"Mr. Orrego-Zavala re-entered the country illegally for the second time before he put the public safety of Indianapolis at risk and took the lives of 2 innocent men on February 4, 2018," US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana Josh Minkler said in a written statement. "This prosecution represents our office’s commitment to charging aliens that illegally re-enter the country, especially if they're a risk to public safety or there's a criminal history present."  

Court records show that courts in California convicted Orrego-Zavala on 2 drug felonies prior to his removal from the US the first time in 2007. Orrego-Zavala was found in the US again in May 2009 and subsequently removed a 2nd time by immigration officers, officials stated.  

In February 2018, Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson and his driver were killed by a drunk driving previously deported illegal alien, Breitbart Texas reported at the time. Police arrested a man who identified himself as Alex Cabrera Gonsales, a 37-year-old Mexican national, after he allegedly crashed his black Ford F-150 into a car parked along Interstate 70 near Indianapolis, according to a statement obtained from the Indiana State Police.  

Detectives discovered the driver gave police false information about his identity. Investigators said the man’s name is actually Manuel Orrego-Savala, a citizen of Guatemala. A background investigation revealed Orrego-Savala has been deported from the US on 2 previous occasions. The 1st deportation occurred in 2007. This was followed by a second deportation in 2009.  

In June of that year, Orrego-Savala pleaded guilty to driving drunk and causing the death of the 2 men, Breitbart’s Katherine Rodriguez reported. The twice-deported illegal alien initially faced 4 counts. A plea agreement dropped the 2 charges of failure to remain at the scene of the crash.  

A judge in the Marion County, Indiana, courthouse sentenced Orrego-Savala to 16 years in state prison for killing the Indianapolis Colts player and his driver.  

Following a conviction in federal court for illegal re-entry after removal, District Court Judge Magnus Stinson sentenced the twice-deported Guatemalan national to 42 months in federal prison. Judge Stinson ordered that the federal sentence be served consecutively to the 16-year state prison term.  

"This individual’s criminal and immigration histories clearly demonstrate a total disregard for US law," Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent in Charge James M. Gibbons said in a written statement. "Let this sentence serve as a reminder that Homeland Security Investigations prioritizes the prosecution of those who are intent on disrespecting our laws and putting the community at risk."

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