Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fox Baltimore Profiles White Family Who Fled 70% Black City Because of Being Attacked by Black Squeegee Boys the Local Government Refuses to Prosecute

Courtney and Jon Coles decided to leave Baltimore earlier this year and move to Lancaster, Pennsylvania after a day in January they say they'll never forget.
"We stopped at the lights on Light and E Lombard and the squeegee boys came up and we told them no," said Jon Coles. "They hit the window on the car and they hit the car and then I got out and asked them to wait in the car."
Jon says he got out of the car to protect his 3 kids inside and pulled out pepper spray that didn’t work. He says the squeegee kids came toward him.
"They started throwing squeegees and stuff at me. They hit me in the back of the head with a squeegee and banged the car more after I got in and it broke off and hit my wife in the lip and busted her lip open. They took off running after that," he said.
The family says they filed a police report and police confirmed they were investigating after the incident in January. The Coles say they even sat down with then Mayor Catherine Pugh, but in the end after 26 years in the city Jon said he felt it best to uproot his family and leave.
"After that happened I started seeing more incidents with them. It was just getting bad downtown. They were everywhere," he said. "I didn’t want to work in the city anymore. That was one of the reasons why. The homicide rate is going up the violence is getting worse and that’s just topping it off."
The Coles aren't alone. They join the growing number of people who've left the city over the years. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city’s population has declined by an estimated 18,000 over the past 8 years.
"The little things like the violence and these squeegee guys it makes it bad," he said.
The Coles say they're really enjoying life in Lancaster.
"Even if you go into the city most people are friendly. I never have any issues, everyone's so friendly up here," Courtney Coles said.
While they’ve escaped their problem and started over they believe something still needs to be done about squeegee kids.
"They need to be taken completely off the streets because what they’re doing is making the town look bad," Jon Coles said.
According to Baltimore Police, they started keeping track of squeegee kid related complaints on June 19th and since then there have been 1,284 calls for service. Police said they're currently not writing citations to squeegee kids.

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