Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Germany: Qur’an in mosque toilet, Muslims and Leftists blame anti-mass migration party, perp turns out to be Muslim

Koran pages in the toilets of mosques: After several cases in recent months, a man has been arrested in Schleswig. He is Iraqi.
In Schleswig, an Iraqi was caught red-handed in vandalism in a mosque. According to the police, he admitted that he went on a rampage in the mosque in July and tore a Koran. It's unclear whether there's any connection with other such cases.
On July 5, Koran pages were thrown in the toilet in the mosque in Schleswig and soap dispensers and sinks were torn down. The police had also reported on "graffiti," without being more specific. The case caused a stir among Muslims and in the Turkish press. The Veysel Karani Mosque is operated by the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITIB).
After the incident, blaming the right camp. After the incident in Schleswig, there had also been blaming of the right-wing camp: Aiman ​​Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, had said that the attack "clearly showed that the perpetrators understood the public mood. Muslims and their communities mustn't be exposed to hatred, agitation and violence."
The Schleswiger SPD member of parliament Birte Pauls commented on the case with the statement that the AfD in particular must finally understand that words can lead to violence.
The police now exclude at least one xenophobic motive in the case. According to information from, there's also no indications of a Kurdish background of the suspect, that could be interpreted as a possible motive. A spokeswoman for the police didn't want to confirm that the investigation continued. So far, there's no indications of links to unexplained cases in northern Germany. Cases also in Minden, Münster and Bremen
2 weeks after the incident in Schleswig, a Koran was torn in a prayer room in a DITIB mosque in Minden in North Rhine-Westphalia and pages were thrown around in a prayer room, along with excrement. On the same day, a Koran was also found in a toilet in the mosque of the Islamic Cultural Center in Münster. The police began investigating property damage and disturbance of religious peace.
The cultural center appealed to Muslims "not to be provoked by such idiots and arsonists." According to the police, there had been indications of a suspected person who, according to the information, had an Arab appearance

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