Monday, September 16, 2019

Netherlands: Muslim who stabbed Jews grew more devout in the months before the assault

A Dutch man charged with the attempted manslaughter of a Jewish father and son claims he forgot why he stabbed them, JTA reported on Friday. During the 1st hearing in the case, the victims asked the judge to consider a religious or racist motive, that currently isn't included in the incitement.  

Taha Ewis Bakri Abdel Ghani didn't deny the assaults, that took place this past March, on Martin Colmans and his son Sharon, vendors in the Albert Cuyp Market.  

The accused worked in a shop on the market and had had several disputes in the past with the Colmans and others, who complained to authorities about violence on his part.  

At Thursday’s hearing, a lawyer for Ewis Bakri Abdel Ghani presented psychiatric evaluations to the Amsterdam criminal tribunal declaring him mentally unfit to stand trial for his actions, according to a report by the AT5 TV station. Along with the manslaughter charges for the stabbing of Colmans and his son Sharon, Ewis Bakri Abdel Ghani is charged with assault against Colmans’ wife.  

"I don’t know what happened. It’s not a period of my life I want to remember," Ewis Bakri Abdel Ghani was quoted as having said at the hearing.  

Ewis Bakri Abdel Ghani had become more devout in his Muslim faith in the months leading up to the assault, during which he flew frequently to Egypt, the Colmanses said. He began praying outside his shop, reading the Quran and leering at them, they said.  

Esther Voet, editor in chief of the NIW Jewish weekly, who attended the hearing, wrote that the defendant wouldn’t answer when asked whether the attack was anti-Semitic, replying only that his "brother-in-law is a judge."

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