Thursday, September 19, 2019

New York City Schools Want To Ban Chocolate Milk

The New York City Department of Education wants to ban chocolate milk from all public schools, citing the high amount of sugar in the child-favorite drink. Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza and others in the department are "pushing for a white-milk-only policy," the New York Post reports.
"The thinking is that these kids are already getting too much sugar, why are they getting it in their milk?’’ one source told The Post, adding that higher-ups "are discussing what to do and how to do it.’’
A few other liberal cities have banned chocolate milk, including San Francisco to Washington, DC, have banned flavored milk. NYC has already cut milk options to low-fat and nonfat, a move they made in 2006. Parents told The Post that the idea isn't a good idea.
"It would be awful to take away people’s chocolate milk," said Caterina Ditommasa, a 10-year-old at PS 58 in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
Her mom, Joanna, argued that removing chocolate milk won’t solve schools’ dietary problems.
"The schools serve other sugary drinks that are no better — juices and sodas," she said.
"The real problem's that New York City lunches are unhealthy in general, all prepackaged and full of preservatives."
Caterina’s dad, Luke, was more open to a chocolate-milk ban. "Not to be a health nazi," he said, "but it’s not the worst idea.’’
A group of dairy farmers are reportedly working their local Congress members, who've penned a letter to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.
"Over 2-3rds of milk served in school is flavored, that represents an essential way that kids get the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development,’’ the letter said.
One of the politicians, Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D-Utica), told The Post: "This is a very large school system. This is a time when dairy farmers are already struggling and facing a lot of uncertainty."
One major problem. Parents want their kids to drink milk, but kids prefer the dairy product when there’s chocolate. Take Los Angeles, that got rid of chocolate milk in 2011. The school district had to bring it back in 2017 after finding kids just stopped drinking milk.
"They prefer the chocolate milk obviously, so if that’s the way you’re going to get the calcium into the kids, I say go for it," mom Lori Horsely told WCBS-New York.

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