Friday, September 27, 2019

Populist VOX leader: “Salvini was ousted from government by EU plot”

The leader of the Spain’s national populist VOX party has blamed the EU for pressuring Italian politicians to oust Matteo Salvini from the government.  

Santiago Abascal, the leader of the Spanish populist VOX party, spoke at an annual event hosted by the national-conservative Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) in Rome. Other prominent right-wing populist leaders like Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán were also in attendance.  

During his speech, Abascal stated that he believed that technocrats in Brussels had plotted to remove Salvini from Italy’s government to maintain the flow of cheap labor coming into Europe, Italy’s Il Giornale reports.  

"Spain and Italy have common borders and the Spanish and Italians share the concern to protect their borders from the migratory invasions caused by European oligarchies flooding our countries with cheap labor," Abascal said.  

"It's clear that Minister Salvini was the victim of what he had denounced for 18 months, that Italians are less and less the masters of their destiny, that once again was decided between Brussels and Strasbourg," the Spanish populist added.  

Throughout his talk, the VOX leader also spoke at length about the insidious nature of the unaccountable globalist bureaucrats who are currently in control of the EU.  

"The political, economic and cultural oligarchies of Europe have betrayed the Europeans and are taking our nations down a dead-end street and that's why we're all here."  

"Because with their relativist politics, they're attacking the cultural and religious European tradition. And with the politics of open borders, they're eroding the security and the freedom in our streets, especially for our women and they're destroying our culture and our civilization."  

"They attack us with massive taxes. They govern us from far away places, people whom we haven't elected."  

"They impose policies for which we haven't voted. They're robbing us of our cultural identity, the right to property, the family, the nation. They're robbing us of Europe, the Europe we love, that wants to convert our land."  

Abascal wrapped up his address with a few comments about the party’s chances in Spain’s upcoming election in November.  

"I'm convinced that in the upcoming general elections on November 10th, Vox will consolidate its presence in the Spanish parliament, where we've proven to be the only alternative to progressive policies imposed by the left and approved of by the right," he said.  

The Spanish populist slammed the establishment parties, saying that they’ve become "increasingly difficult to differentiate, so it would be perfectly understandable if they ran together in the elections."

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