Tuesday, September 17, 2019

School Children Accuse Teachers of Pushing 'Leftist' And 'Anti-Brexit' Propaganda

British schoolchildren in the town of Slough have accused their teachers of spreading leftist anti-Brexit "propaganda," raising concerns that their biased views could "mold the minds" of younger kids who are yet to form their own opinions.
The students at St Joseph’s Catholic High School claimed their teacher told them that supporting a 2nd referendum "would be in their interest" as Brexit would cause them to "lose their jobs," The Metro reported.
The pupils told the British news outlet that teachers had made anti-Brexit comments in the past, but things became more intense during a highly politicized assembly pushing at Brexit sentiment. One teacher openly criticized President Donald Trump, Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to one pupil.
"He was talking about how Brexit was bad for us and how Brexit was going to affect us really badly then he got up a picture of Boris Johnson, mocking him," the pupil said.
After the teacher holding up pictures of activist wunderkind Greta Thunberg and then President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson, the teacher reportedly said:
"We’re going to remember her; we’re not going to remember these 2."
Another pupil told The Metro that one teacher told him at an "enrichment session" to back a second referendum:
"He just tells us about how Brexit isn’t good for us and how it’s going to ruin our future," the pupil revealed.
The students expressed concern at what effect this indoctrination would have on young children. "You could pretty much mold them," one said.
"Tell them what you want and they'll start believing it. I fear that this is happening across the country in schools. It’s not really their place to do so."
According to a survey of teachers’ voting intentions from 2017, there's an undeniable trend off leftist thought dominating British schools. As Neon Nettle reported last year, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in Germany went as far fund $5,000 brochure targeting "right-wing" parents by attempting to push a far-left worldview on their children. But despite the domination of leftist and anti-Brexit voices in schools, reports suggest children are turning away from establishment-approved opinions.
Earlier this year, a Scottish student who secretly filmed his teacher telling him he couldn't say there's only 2 genders was suspended. In July, the 17-year-old pupil, named Murray, was removed from his classroom because his science-based remarks were "not inclusive," according to his teacher.
Murray had shared the video, that's since gone viral, exposing the left-progressive, anti-scientific ideologies being pushed in Scottish schools. He also expressed concerns that that telling kids "boys are girls and girls are boys" is "a very dangerous thing."

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