Sunday, September 15, 2019

Survey: 60% of the French population view migrants as a threat

A newly released survey from IPSOS has revealed that 60% of the French population believes that taking in more migrants is a threat to France.
The study also revealed that 60% of French people view migrant arrivals as a threat, while 45% think that migrant arrivals ‘deprive French people of social services.’
Of those surveyed, 54% of respondents said that they believe that French citizens should be given priority for employment opportunities.
When asked whether they perceive the economy as ‘rigged’ in favor of the rich and the elite, 73% of survey respondents answered ‘yes’, while 46% reported "thinking that the system no longer works."
But the French aren’t the only people feeling this way. The same sentiment's shared globally, with 54% of respondents reporting feeling the same way. The most pessimistic countries where Poland and Brazil, with 84% and 79% of respondents, respectively, saying that "the system no longer works."
The survey also showed that the French people’s trust in traditional parties is at an all-time low. 75% of respondents reported feeling that "traditional parties and politicians don't care about people like them or don't understand them."
Finally, nearly 8 in 10 French people who were surveyed welcomed the arrival of a strong leader who’s "able to break the rules’, that would allow for "solution to improve the situation of the country".
65% of those surveyed were convinced that a strong leader would be able to "reverse the trend and take the country from the hands of the rich and powerful".

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