Friday, September 13, 2019

UK: Muslims smear church with graffiti, break windows, spray fire extinguishers, “inexplicable and appalling damage”

A teenager has been warned by a judge that he's at risk of going to custody after he admitted his part in "mindless vandalism" that desecrated a church. Muhammed Mughal, 18, appeared at Bradford Crown Court yesterday charged with entering All Saints Church, Highfield Lane, Keighley, as a trespasser on December 3rd last year with intent to do unlawful damage.
Mughal, of Cliffe Street, Keighley, pleaded guilty to the alternative offence of causing criminal damage to the church and that was accepted by the prosecution. Mr Byrne conceded that Mughal and the others in the group, who got into the building through an insecure fire door, had committed "mindless vandalism."
The damage included daubing graffiti on the walls, damaging doors, breaking windows and letting off fire extinguishers. A machete the intruders found in the church kitchen was used in course of the offence. Judge Jonathan Rose adjourned sentence until October 15. He said that Mughal and his associates had done "inexplicable and appalling damage."

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