Tuesday, September 10, 2019

UK: Pair of Afghan migrants arrested for planning to kidnap and honor kill daughter who left Islam for porn

2 Afghan migrants who were reportedly given asylum in the UK are now facing extradition to Slovakia for allegedly plotting to kidnap and murder the daughter of one of the suspects who supposedly ‘renounced Islam and became a porn star’.
Mohammed Patman, 54 and Darya Khan Safi, 49, were arrested in London and Coventry after British authorities were alerted to the murder plot by Slovakian investigators. The 2 are accused of tracking Patman’s 25-year-old daughter with the intention of murdering her after she had moved to Slovakia to work with her husband at his porn company, The Daily Mail reports.
"The pair were wanted by the Slovakian authorities for conspiring to murder the 25-year-old woman, who was living in Austria and working in Slovakia at a company she ran with her husband," the National Crime Agency said in a statement.
The woman had moved to Slovakia in 2017 after meeting her husband and converting to Judaism. The pair is now believed to run an erotic photography and adult film business together.
After authorities in the UK were made aware of the situation, they subsequently placed the 2 Afghan men under surveillance. The 2 men were found to have made multiple trips to Austria and Slovakia to keep tabs on the would-be victim.
Investigators at the National Crime Agency were then able to acquire a search warrant to obtain records of the pair’s phone and internet conversations. The records allegedly revealed that 2 men had discussed plans to murder the girl.
Following the arrest of the 2 men, NCA Senior Investigating Officer Matthew Perfect said that Patman and Safi "were arrested as a result of some excellent joint working between the NCA and our partners in Slovakia and throughout Europe. Such strong international cooperation's key in allowing us and our partners to pursue the most dangerous criminals across borders."
Patman and Safi now face extradition to Slovakia and are expected to appear in front of a British court on the 12th of September.

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