Saturday, September 21, 2019

What Would Crime In America Look Like if the 1965 Immigration Act Had Never Happened? 83% White Missouri, Where Blacks Are 15 Times More Likely to Commit Homicide Than Whites

Missouri represents the American past, largely untouched by Hispanic mass immigration. It's 83% white, less than 12% black and less than 5% Hispanic. Republicans dominate the state legislature. The governor and both senators are Republicans and the state has strong 2nd Amendment protections.  

The state's an interesting laboratory for black/white differences in crime rates. Interestingly, Missouri's the most dangerous place to be black. The homicide victimization rate for blacks is 46.24 per 100,000, that's twice the national rate for blacks and 17 times the national rate for whites. Who’s doing the killing?  

According to the Missouri Uniform Crime Report (MUCR), 408 suspects were arrested for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter in 2018. 280 or almost 69%, were black. 126 or just under 31%, were white, despite the 83% white population.  

This means blacks were 15.5 times more likely than whites to be arrested for murder—and in this case, Hispanics are lumped in with "whites," so the black/white difference is probably even greater.  

It would be hard to argue that arrests of blacks reflect some kind of "police bias." Murder is the crime all police departments take most seriously. The idea that the authorities are rounding up innocent blacks or deliberately letting off white killers is ridiculous.  

There's many homicides in St. Louis, that had an estimated 135,150 non-Hispanic whites (about 42.9%) and 149,895 blacks (about 47.6%), with much smaller numbers of Hispanics, Asians and mixed-race people. Who’s doing the killing? The city’s police department reports that in 2013, 2014 and 2015, over 95% of homicide suspects were black. The 2018 report listed 187 homicides and over 83%—or 156—of the victims, were black. 26 were white with one Hispanic and one "other."  

The latest report lists just 79 suspects, of whom 70 are black. Many killings have no suspect, that reflects the city’s low homicide clearance rate. Not even 40% of killings result in an arrest.

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