Thursday, October 3, 2019

Germany: Muslim migrant tried to kill judges, vows to drink the blood of “worshipers of the cross”

A German court in the southern city of Augsburg on Wednesday sentenced a radical Islamist Palestinian asylum seeker to a 10 year prison term for attempting to murder judges and prosectors. Haidar A, the extremist Palestinian, had previously been sentenced in 2017 for attempting to behead a refugee.  

"It’s amazing how a young man can be so caught up in hate, anger and blind rage," said presiding judge Sandra Mayer, " reported the local paper Augsburger Allgemeine. She added that "Haidar A. is caught in almost medieval ways of thinking and the court has little hope that he'll develop for the better."  

The court sentenced the 26-year-old Haidar for 6 attempted murders on Wednesday. Haidar sought during the judicial process in the Summer of 2017 to take the weapon of a police office in the courtroom. He was, according to the Augsburger Allgemeine, upset that the court sentenced him to a lengthy prison term for attempting to behead a asylum seeker with a knife in the town of Hurlach–a municipality in the district of Landsberg in the southern German state of Bavaria .  

Haider also spat in the direction of the judge’s bench and screamed: "To hell with you and those who created you."  

Haidar wanted to behead the refugee because he "insulted his religious feelings," according to the paper’s report. The court sentenced him to 12 years and nine months in prison. When the prison sentence was announced, Haidar tossed his shoe in the direction of the judge and attempted to secure the firearm of a police officer. The combined sentences from 2017 and Wednesday likely mean that Haidar could serve a prison term longer than 20 years.  

Haidar wrote in a letter to cousins that judge is a "whore" and the other judges are her "pimps." He wrote in the letter that he wants to kill the judges. Haidar also admitted in a letter that he sent to the court that he wanted to carry out a campaign of bloody revenge on Germans and Christians. The German Bild paper reported that he wrote the panel of judges overseeing his case:

"I promise, if I get a pig from your worshipers of the cross in the hands, I'll drink his blood. I’ll spit at you and your cross. "  

German authorities frequently decline to release the last name of criminals and defendants to protect privacy rights. Judge Mayer said that Haidar presents himself as the victim and blames his situation on the fellow refugee in the asylum shelter where he lived, who he sought to murder. as well as the judicial system who prosecuted his action. The judge said Haidar accussed the judicial process and other foreigners of "hositility toward Muslims."  

The judge said that "It has nothing to do with the fact that the defendant's a foreigner or Muslim, but only that he wanted to kill people," noting that it was strange how a person who was taken in and received as a refugee in Germany could develop such hatred against the state and society

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