Thursday, October 3, 2019

Honor killing in Texas: Muslim beats his daughter and grandson to death, says “Yes that’s fine. I did it”

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — With the help of an interpreter Monday, an elderly man accused of brutally beating his daughter and grandson to death and severely injuring another grandson made his first appearance in court.
72-year-old Mohammad Sahi was arrested last Thursday at his home in the 6200 block of Denain Drive. When police arrived at the home, he told them he killed his family.
Inside, police found the bodies of Sahi’s daughter, 47-year-old Nargis Zaman and his grandson, 18-year-old Hamed Zaman. They also found his other grandson, 21-year-old Hamzah Zaman, severely beaten, but still breathing. Hamzah was rushed to Bay Area Hospital. Sahi was arrested.
At one point in court, Sahi became emotional as his interpreter spoke for him, saying to the judge, "Yes, that’s fine. I did it. I mean, whatever you are charging me is correct."

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